Hey there and thanks for stopping by! My name is Khara Plicanic and I’m a professional wedding and portrait photographer, speaker, and author based in Lincoln, Nebraska.

About a year ago, I had the crazy idea to ride my bicycle across the country (along with my cutie-pie, web-developer husband Emir), offering free photography classes to educate and inspire everyone with a camera.

Emir and I are happy to announce that we’ll be stopping in 8 cities along our route from California to Florida, and you’re invited to join us!

Check out this quick video for a personal introduction and see below to find out how you can get involved.

Get involved!

Looking forward to having you along for the fun, in one way or another! :)

Who we are:
When we’re not on our bikes riding around the country teaching free classes, Khara runs a wedding photography business known as KaBloom  Studios, and I (Emir) continue my passion for all things web related. We’re proud to call Lincoln, Nebraska home.

Contest Update: Thank you to everyone who Facebooked or blogged about the UNtour! Everyone who did so (and provided the link in the comments below) has been awarded a copy of Flaunt from our friends at Into the Darkroom. We hope you enjoy it! :) Thanks for playing along with us!


  1. The [UN]tour San Diego was the BOMB.COM!!!

    It was one thing to be amazed of Khara’s customer service within literally minutes-hours of super rapid fast response via email. However, it was even more [UN]believably amazing to finally meet her in person and feel that [UN]limited PASSIONATE ball of ENERGY and WISDOM that she shared with her students for FREE!

    You guys are GREAT people! Keep that fire going! Thanks again!

    – Marcel & Iris :)
    Studio64Photography (San Diego, CA)

  2. Jessemarie

    Hey guys! You passed by my hometown! (El Centro) Keep up the good work and hope to see more pictures! Awesome!

  3. Gail

    Thanks for a great day in Phoenix! What a great way to share your knowledge and skills! Have fun and be safe as you continue your journey :)

  4. Blogged about the [un]tour: http://www.studiolifephotos.com/the-untour/

  5. Hey guys! So impressed with what you’re doing! Totally was writing a blog about how amazing what you’re doing is and then stumbled upon your contest! Fun bonus! Best of luck on there on the road!


  6. Brigette Stevenaon

    So excited I found out about your amazing adventure…now if I can swing a babysitter I’m going to sign up for the class in Las Cruces woohoo…..keep up the amazing work!


  7. Dave Taylor

    I love it. You guys go. Stop by if you get into the Denver area. We’ll even let you use our whirlpool and shower. We can get Jill & Laura and the kids and have a party. Good luck and great weather.

    Love you
    Dave & Donna

  8. Thanks for an enthusiastic presentation! Three of my friends came with me to the 10 Tips for Instantly Better Photos and one even one a free book! Khara and Emir Rock!

  9. Awesome what I got in your photo records.
    May I keep taking a new one ?

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2 classes, 8 cities, 3100 miles, and—a pair of bicycles.

Professional photographer Khara Plicanic and her husband Emir proudly completed a coast-to-coast bicycle tour (from California to Florida!) on a mission to educate and inspire everyone with a camera. This is their story.

 Start Date: 10/17/2011

 End Date: 12/21/2011