Wickedly Fast Wedding Workflow

How would you like to be 100% caught up on your production work, 24/7? What if you could completely edit a wedding and design the album in 6-8 hours total—thrilling and wowing your clients like never before?

This class will show you how. There’s no crazy hours and no burning the midnight oil. Just the potent combination of efficiency and effectiveness, all with the client’s very best interest at heart. (Though the class was created for wedding photographers, it can be easily adapted to portraits too!)

You’ll learn:

  • The philosophies of a winning (fail-proof) package structure that makes everyone’s lives easier
  • How to keep the proofing/album approval process moving so no one (you—or the client) has the chance to drop the ball or cause delays
  • The steps and tools that work together to make the process from download to album approval absolutely painless (and doable in 6-8 hours, total!)

This class is 100% fluff free with absolutely no filler. If you’ve taken Khara’s classes before, you know she means business. Whether you’re new to the professional wedding photography industry or already have years of experience under your belt, do yourself a favor and join us for this special learning opportunity. Your family (and your clients) will thank you!

PSST! This is *not* a software workshop! A great workflow is about so much more than software! In fact, a wickedly fast workflow starts well before you pick up your camera. Feel free to adapt this plan to whatever software you prefer to use, just keep in mind that the tools and software we use are highly recommended—for a reason.

What people are saying:

“You’ve changed my life!” —Michelle Martin

“I thought my workflow was ok—but this blows it completely out of the water!” —Carly Rodgers

“Being new to the business, I was overwhelmed at what seemed like never ending post production.  I’ve read about photographers finishing in 8 hours… but no one was showing me *how* to do it…  Until now! Khara laid out everything… from leaving the wedding, to ordering the album. She even talks about the steps she takes before the wedding to make sure everything afterwards is seamless.  My New Year’s resolution is to have proofs and album design back to the client in one week!” – Lauren Mingus

“I LOVE IT! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have taught me!” —Lindsey Buchleitner


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