Who Doesn’t Love Some Sweet Gear?

On this trip, every ounce counts (we’ll be climbing some serious mountain ranges ya’ll!), so we want to travel as lightly as possible.

This is a list of what we’ve pulled together so far. We’re still working on a few things, so the list continues to be a work in progress and is frequently updated. Check back often for the latest additions!

Cycling gear:

Camping gear:

Camera gear:




Odds & Ends:

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  1. Stephanie Morrissey

    I am just so beyond excited to follow you and Emir on this adventure! Anyways, Max and I made a brilliant purchase for backpacking/camping that I want to throw out there for “gear”. It’s the SteriPEN UV water purifier. In case you are in need of more water, and don’t have a 100% safe water source, this may come in handy.
    Check it out:
    I think they have a few different versions such as a solar-powered or lighter-weight travel version.
    Happy planning!

  2. plicanic

    That’s awesome Stephanie! We are looking into it! It may indeed make a lovely addition to our rapidly growing gear collection… Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  3. Looking forward to hosting your photo seminars when you reach Austin.
    Stay safe.

  4. Joel

    Can’t wait to see you two in Phoenix !! I wish you two a safe and exciting trip .

  5. Hello you two,

    I found you guys in Adorama Tv… with Mark Wallce and I I’m very happy with your project. I wish you all the luck. I Also would like to share a some little information as you two are new to Camping and Backpacking…. Please check the Jason Klass channel for infos and some great tips on how to reduce your pack weight, solid fuel for a nice hot meal and more… He also have a a web site: http://www.geartalkwithjasonklass.com/
    Sure there are lots of infos out there but you might be on the final countdown so you might save some precious time!

    I will be looking forward to your adventure so ride safe and once more good luck from Düsseldorf in Germany


  6. plicanic

    Hi Martin!

    Thank you for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment! Wow—Jason Klass’s website is awesome! We love his post on the Flat Cat alcohol stove…. very cool and much more environmentally friendly. We will definitely keep that in mind for future trips! Thanks again Martin! Tschuss!

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  8. Khara, who makes your purple jacket that you were wearing in the pannier-packing video? It looks like a thin down jacket? It looks packable but warm!

    Also, thanks for the tips! Although this is my boyfriend’s 4th tour down the Pac Coast, he is a boy and doesn’t see things like a bag-of-bags or an Eagle Creek Pack-It system as anything we would ever need… and I keep searching for girl tips for my first tour! So glad I ran across your video and found your site!

    • plicanic

      Hi Christine! Thanks for stopping by! In the video, I’m wearing a super crazy lightweight jacket from Lululemon that I bought on a whim at one of their store locations. I just looked online and don’t see it anymore, but you might find something else that you like from among their current women’s jackets/hoodies. In the video, I’m actually wearing the Lulu jacket over top of a cheap fleece zip-up. It got surprisingly cold on our route and I was grateful to be able to layer up. Sometimes when it was really chilly, I wore my cycling jersey, the fleece, the Lulu jacket, and then my NorthFace rain coat over the top of that. Layers are awesome, though stopping constantly to take them on/off is frustrating… it’s better than being uncomfortable all day! :) I’m glad you found my girly tips to be helpful! If you have any more questions, you know where to find us! Happy pedaling!

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  10. John

    Hey guys! I love reviewing your journey. I have a couple of gear related questions:

    1) Were your Surly LHT’s equipped with 700c or 26″ wheels?

    2) What kind of rack did you mount the Ortlieb backroller classic panniers mounted on? And, if Tubus brand, what model?

    Thanks! You guys are a great inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • plicanic

      Hi John! Our wheels are 26″.

      I have no clue what brand/model our rear racks are…. when we bought the bikes from the local shop, they knew our plans and ordered us those racks. We never asked much about them (we were overwhelmed enough with the rest of the gear and figured there wasn’t much to think about when it came to racks… as long as they were solid…..)

      Hope that is at least somewhat helpful!

  11. Gene Rodrigues

    Khara and Emir… congratulations on reaching your destination!

    Best of luck to the both of you in your future endeavors.

  12. Sam

    What kind of tires did you use? -Thanks!

  13. Sam

    Oh, and how did you lock your bike on the way? -Thanks again!

    • Sam

      Nevermind of the locks. I saw the locks on a video, but I still could not make out what tires you used.

      • plicanic

        Hi Sam!

        We used the tires that came standard on our Surlys. Nothing fancy. They’re 26″ and they served us just fine on the trip (except for a fair number of flats as we rolled through the desert in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas).

        Hope that helps! Happy pedaling! :)

  14. Sabrina Deterding

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    Take a look at the most recent posting on our personal website

  15. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text
    in your content seem to be running off the screen in Safari.
    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you
    know. The style and design look great though! Hope you get the problem fixed soon.

  16. Lee Rudolph

    Ran across your packing video and I got excited to maybe take a trip myself. I know this is a much later date but still enjoyed. Thanks. Lee Fargo, ND

  17. Hi I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you…after watching your yt video this spring I was convinced that the ortlieb panniers were worth the investment. Took my son on a 6 day tour through the Netherlands in April – we rode from the German border on the east side westwards through till we hit the North Sea. We cheated and stayed at budget hotels – he was just 11 at the time and we had unusually cold temperatures (hovering around the freezing point – we even had a dusting of snow) plus this was all new for us, but it was a start. All summer I’ve been making plans for the next tour and after meeting a young Dutch girl who was biking and camping along the Rhine I figured I could do it on my own too…so now I’m back getting your tips for camping gear…thanks so much for sharing your tips – they are easy to follow and exactly what newbies like myself. I have posted a couple shots of our trip on my blog, the last picture is of our bikes with the panniers and rack bag. Thanks again!


  18. Thanks for the information and tips. I’m planning a bike ride across the north American continent, mostly over the northern tier route, and it’s months away and I’m already waking up every morning stoked/terrified for it! I will be a constant visitor and student to your blog. thanks so much and happy miles!

  19. Thank you! I too am planning a cross country tour and searching the internet for some female tips! I’ll be traveling with 3 men, so any and all lady help I can accumulate now will be appreciated!

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  23. Sam

    How did you manage to get 23 flat tires?

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