Practice Camping—in the Rain? Sure!

It’s no big secret that neither Emir nor myself have ever camped before. But,  it all seems simple enough, so why should we let that stop us?

To get up to speed quickly, we carved out a weekend to give it a test run and at least try out our sleeping bags and practice cooking something half-way edible in our feather-weight titanium pot.

Naturally, we chose a cold, blustery, and rain filled weekend to do it. The results were pretty entertaining. We’ve put together a highlight reel for your viewing pleasure. Get ready to laugh along!

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  1. Wow, you guys are awesome, You are up to do the tour of my dreams. But, now unfortunately as a piano teacher I have to stay here where I live near Amsterdam in the Netherlands and teach piano lessons….pffft I envy you!!!!!

    I am looking forward to follow all your tour “escapades” , pictures, blog, movies…. jeeeej I can’t wait. Will pray for no flat tires though.

    I have the same Canon s95 that I took to my trip to Chicago this summer. It is a great camera and I loved everything from macro to landscape pictures. I was not that crazy about the video in HD because of 24ps – it looked a bit shaky from the hand,

    Anyway, may I ask you something? I am making nice piano and orchestral music that I can send you so you may use it in your video’s. I can record a nice intro for your channel too. No charge just mention my YouTube channel…thats all.

    How do you pronounce your name?….would be nice to say it right :))

    I wish you all the luck in the world, good weather, nice meeting with other people, don’t get sick, get a good insurance a have as much fun as possible!

    Lana Gnus
    twitter: @PIANOSTUDIO

  2. Nice to be with you at the begining of your trip, I am going to improve my English listening to you, I will be best in photography too. I am from Paris in France, and I thank you for your sharing, your gaiety.
    One question : is your tutorial wedding workflow guide about Indesign ?

  3. plicanic

    Bonjour Glonadine! Thank you for stopping by, we look forward to sharing our adventure with you!

    To answer your question about the workflow guide, it is *not* about InDesign. InDesign is definitely part of my workflow, but the guide is about the philosophy and process of how I edit a wedding, it is not a software guide.

    If you’re looking for an InDesign tutorial, check out the video I made, it’s 45 minutes of solid info to get you designing right away!

    Otherwise, if you want to check out the guide, you can download the first 2 chapters for free here:


  4. plicanic

    Hallo Lana!

    What an amazing musician you are! I took piano lessons for a few years as a kid, but never quite “got it”…. musical talent is such a gift!

    My name is pronounced “Care-a” and our last name is pronoucned “Plitch-cha-nitch.” That’s always a fun one! :)

    Your music is beautiful, and if we have a need for something like that in one of our videos, I’ll be sure to let you know!

    Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to sharing our adventures with you!

    Ciao! :)

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